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We had such a laugh with these body zorbs. They are great fun with a group of friends. I particularly enjoyed knocking over my friends and running through the obstacle course.


Daniel Hughes

Body Zorbs...


Body Zorbs

Provide the crowds with endless amounts of fun with these fantastic body Zorbs. Enhance your event with a whole stack of games to be played like body Zorb sumo, body Zorb football, relay race and team building, This is a great way to keep active whilst laughing your socks off.

Body Zorbs allow participants to roll, flip and crash whilst being protected by their very own cushioned Zorb. This activity can be enjoyed by a larger group of partcipants at any one time, a much more exciting twist on the traditional sumo suits.


Harness Zorbing...


Strap yourself in for the most exciting ride of your life. Harness zorbing gives you the ulitmate adrenaline rush as you roll down a hill at unbelievable speeds.

Runner Zorbs...


Be prepared to go head over heels with laughter as you run in these giant zorbs. Race a friend or simply challenge others by setting the fastest times..