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It was an awesome experiece, can't wait to do it again. It was like a rollercoaster ride in a bubble, I would defiently recommend you do this once in your lifetime!


Sam Lovatt

Harnessed Zorbing...


Bring this truly unique activity to your event. Zorbing is a thrilling activity which will bring a little something different to your occasion and leave the crowds talking for days to come.

Zorbing consists of rolling down hills in a harnessed air cushioned Zorb ball, when in motion the Zorb balls have been known to reach up to 25+ Mph. Zorbing attracts all age groups and fuels excitement and an unforgettable experience for those involved.  

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself. (All participants are securely harnessed prior to riding)

Don't need a hill! We can replicate the thrill of downhill Zorbing by rolling individuals on flat grounds. Our experienced teams have mastered the art to give you the same excitement and unforgettable experience safely.


Runner Zorbs...


Be prepared to go head over heels with laughter as you run in these giant zorbs. Race a friend or simply challenge others by setting the fastest times..

Body Zorbs...


Have endless amounts of fun with your family and friends. Bump, crash and flip in these individual body zorbs whilst being cushioned in your very own bubble. A great way to be active whilst laughing your socks off.